Team building that really builds teams!

No tech, no stress, Togetherness

Together we grow the roots for care, collective performance and innovation.

Why Nature-based?

To deeply take care of your people, based on nature’s health benefits:

• Prevents burnout
• Restores cognitive abilities
• Boosts immune system
• Enhances positive mood

To build genuine connection and communication.

Nature predisposes for social connection. Our programs create an inclusive and safe space for diversity where everyone feel welcome and drawn to contribute.

To accelerate your success by:

• Boosting collective performance
• Building employer branding
• Seeding an innovation culture
• Learning natural resilience

Our nature-based services


The positive effects of nature on people health are many: physiological, cognitive, psychological and even social. NB Wellness promotes all these effects and prevents stress, burnout and exhaustion through guided sensory exercises with contact with nature.

For you who want to increase employee well-being and provide tools that they can use themselves in the future.


Nature is a neutral environment where everyone is equal regardless of their work in the organization. Community, emotional intelligence and genuine communication are promoted here. NB Together creates an inclusive space where everyone is welcome and gets an equal voice.

For you who need to increase harmony or strengthen connections in a team after for example a reorganization, recruitment or conflict management.


Nature is the best friend when we need to find new ways or get inspiration. NB Creativity helps to open up and experience all the diversity around us. Broader perspective, new instincts, inspiration, collective intelligence.

For you who need to solve problems, move forward in development or innovation projects. For you who need to apprehend things from a new angle.

Nature-Based workshops

Everything we do and develop is dependent on nature and we humans are part of nature.

What does it mean to be human in a society where digitization and technology have invaded our workplaces and our lives?

NB workshop is for you who feel that each person has the ability to contribute to the transition needed to build a sustainable future together.