Nature-Based TOGETHER

We create a space of trust and psychological safety.

Nature is a neutral environment where everyone is equal regardless of their work in the organization. Social connection, harmony and emotional intelligence are promoted.

Nature-Based TOGETHER

At work, we use a lot of our cognitive intelligence and rarely our senses and our emotional intelligence. Yet it is through our senses that we experience our environment and others.

It is through our senses that we feel the life around us, feel alive and involved in our environment.

With Nature-based Together we work on different aspects of social cohesion:

Under one or several sessions, we build a program that promotes cohesion, understanding and energizes your team.

Team Ecosystem

  • Experience your team as an ecosystem and increase the sense of belonging.
  • Connect talents and generate better collaboration.
  • Create an inclusive environment where everyone can bloom and express themselves towards the common goal.

Transform the learnings from the forest into your professional reality.

Let nature contact inspire you to transform your team into a successful ecosystem.

Just like the forest is made of different trees, a team is made of different people with their characteristics and talents. Therefore everyone has a role to play towards the collective team goals.

Thanks to this diversity, the team can function as an effective, harmonious ecosystem and develop its adaptability and face challenges.

The connection between individuals and the expression of their talent becomes an asset for the team if it takes place in a safe space characterized by trust and genuine communication.

Human factor mural workshop

A workshop to unlock the action capacities in your team

A collaborative experience where participants discover the role of emotions, cognitive biases and other factors influencing their behaviors.

Get clues to the question
«What can we do individually and collectively to promote behavioral changes? »

Changes in behavior are necessary when things change around us and we have to adapt to new situations and organisations. Changing behavior is not always easy and to understand the behavior of others is also a challenge.

The human factor mural helps us to understand what is hidden behind our way of acting and why it can be so difficult to change.

We explore the team’s human factors that can be a brake or an accelerator for changing behavior