No Tech, No Stress, Togetherness

Let nature take place in your team and business.

Naturbaserad teambuilding


We believe that to live as part of nature is the basis for developing human activities that are in harmony with life.


To integrate nature into the thinking and doing process to promote sustainable and successful organizations.

Meet Laurence

My name is Laurence Nachin. I come from France and I’ve been living in Sweden since 2001.

I am a trained microbiologist and have worked for many years in fundamental research and R&D. I was team leader, project manager and quality manager in governmental and private business.

Being in nature has always been an important part of my life and I’ve been spending time in the forest as long as I can remember. Long walks in the forest of my childhood in Limousin with my mother, picking up mushrooms at the end of summer and later on in life running on the small paths between trees. It is where I recover and find my strength and balance in life. In a world where we stay indoors for many hours every day and where digitization takes an increasingly large place in our lives, I need more than ever to maintain and strengthen my relationship with nature.

2017 I discovered Shinrin yoku (forest bathing in english) through a documentary on TV: love at first sight. I wanted to know more.

2018, I trained to become a certified guide via ANFT (The Association for Nature and Forest Therapy).

2019 I founded Sense in Nature.


I am scientist, a biologist. I have always been fascinated by life. Science has given me the chance to have a glimpse of how things work on a molecular and cellular level. It also showed me how everything is connected: how one single change, one stimulus can lead to a cascade of event in one single cell. How this cell will communicate with others and lead to the production of molecules that can in the end result in a special behavior or action of a hole organism. This action will have effect on others and so on…The butterfly effect.

Everything is connected. We are connected to everything. Often we forget about it…

Reviving the bond between humans and all other beings is for me essential to being able to change the paradigm that drives our societies and to be able to continue living in harmony with all life on earth. Something I would want my child to experience.

Many people tell that they enjoy being in nature, that it makes them feel good. We can feel the connection to life around us, even unconsciously. Most of us disconnect these feelings as soon as they are at work. Why? Why can’t we bring all these positive sensations and effects with us when we work?

I want to integrate nature in workplaces, in our way of thinking, of working, of deciding. Because that’s where it all starts and it’s good for us and for everything.

I am still fascinated by life. That’s why I created Sense in Nature.


Like the trees that interact and communicate with each other through their roots with the help of other organisms and build a network that empowers every one, Sense in Nature develops an ecosystem made of colleagues and organisations that contribute to every one’s growth, well-being and harmony.

Social Venture network

International network that works for long-term sustainability in business and operations according to Agenda 2030.

The members are companies and organisations that work locally in each country with issues of good ethics, environmental considerations and social responsibility.

With the vision to be the leading meeting place for ideas and experiences that make a difference in the journey to a sustainable society, SVN feels like a place where Sense in Nature can contribute and thrive.


The meeting place for sustainable development!

Ekocentrum’s mission is to accelerate the development towards a sustainable society by holding trainings and guiding in a sustainability exhibition.

To promote the transition needed to build a sustainable society, Sense in Nature offers the workshop Human Factor Mural in collaboration with Ekocentrum.


Protect, Care for, Show Nature

Västkuststiftelsen preserves and nurtures nature of west Sweden and stimulates outdoor life. Protect, Care and Show nature: 3 words that fit perfectly with Sense in Nature!

Since 2019 Sense in nature organizes Forest bathing experience for the public in Änggårdsbergen and on Stora Amundön in collaboration with Västkuststifteslen.

Helena Johard

Stockholm, Sverige
Biologist, researcher, & artist

Helena has often worked on our identity in relation to nature. Since she was little, she has been fascinated by what all life is and how to experience reality. Helena is also a certified nature & forest therapy guide. She feels that the best thing about forest bathing is when the forest modifies the feeling of time and space, when we meet each other and nature in our own way.

Today she guides groups in nature where all life around us is an infinitely mysterious space to experience and where new stories are woven together.

Helena runs Embrace by the forest

HUman Factor University

The human factor at the heart of the ecological transition.

HFU’s mission is to “teach how we can take care of ourselves, others and our environment by mobilizing our cognitive resources”.

HFU with IPBC (International Panel On Behavior Change) has developed the Human Factor Mural workshop in collaboration with (IPBC).

I am certified from HFU to facilitate the Human Factor Mural workshop

En chemin vers

French-speaking organization for nature & forest therapy guides

“En chemin vers” means “on the way to” and is a place for French-speaking nature & forest therapy guides where experience, competence, creativity gather. We work for the recognition of our new profession by authorities and society and to show a way that promotes a harmonious and sensitive relationship between people and nature.


Sense in nature offers experiences based on Shinrin Yoku with the aim of regenerating the connection between humans and nature.

Sustainability for the environment and people is therefore an integral part of the entire business.

Sense in Nature follows the rule “Do not disturb, do not destroy” in accordance with the Swedish right of public access.

In order to have as little environmental impact as possible, the principles of outdoor life ethics “Leave no trace” are also followed as close as possible.

Nature changes continuously depending on the weather and season. I always try to visit the place where I will guide the days before an activity. It allows me to adapt the route to nature in order to reduce damaging of the ground by avoiding paths that are too muddy, find places where we will be able to gather. I also investigate if there is any obvious risk for participants (branches that could fall, slippery stones…).

Information about recommended clothing and equipment is given to the participants in advance. I always have with me first aid kits.

Most activities take place in nature areas close to the city where participants can reach by public transport or bicycle. Information about this can be found on the website.

At the beginning of activities, participants are informed about the nature area and rules that apply. Activity takes place with respect for nature and all life: plants, wildlife, the ground, rocks but also other people who can be in the same area at the same time. We try to leave the place as we found it and I always bear with me what is needed to collect any garbage.

“With this work, I wish to raise awareness that nature is not just a place we can go and stay, but a place where many creatures live and where we humans are welcome”.

Laurence Nachin