Nature-Based WELLNESS

Guided outdoor sensory experiences for healthy and happy coworkers

“Everything in nature invites us constantly to be what we are.”  Gretel Ehrlich

Nature-Based WELLNESS

Nature promotes human well-being and health with positive physiological, cognitive, psychological and social effects.

Guided multi-sensory experiences in nature provide tools for dealing with the health challenge that many organisations face today.

This will help you to focus och be in the moment which facilitate stress management.

Program principles



Experience connection to ourselves, nature and others.

A group program where we “bathe”  in the forest atmosphere.

We learn to feel nature contact through our senses and to be in presence together.

There are times for individual and shared experiences.

Recommended program:
3 sessions of 2 hours each


Individual outdoor exercises at own pace when it suits the participants alternate with group meetings. 

Participants individually learn to find their place in nature where they can return for relaxation and recovery.

During group meetings, participants receive advice and tips to develop their multisensory and emotional contact with the place.

It is also a time for community with the opportunity to share experience and listen to the others.

Recommended program:
Outside or inside
4 group meetings of 2h each