And so Sense in Nature was born…

“In every walk with Nature one receives far more than he seeks.”
― John Muir

So many walks in the forest, so many hours spent outside… Feeling the wind on my face, the sun warming my cheeks, smelling the earth after the rain, tasting with wide open mouth snow flakes falling from the sky, listening to the woods, contemplating the beauty in front of my eyes; so far I remember nature has been part of who I am or… could it be that I am a small part of it?

Parking lots, high story buildings, cars; that was my neighborhood as a child but also…the “little wood” where my mum took me the week-end and told me about the flowers, the trees and the squirrels. We came back with treasures that we displayed on the kitchen table: leaves, mushrooms, pine cones…

And life goes on with its sadness and its joy and always with nature. Nature, alone, with others, to celebrate, to laugh, to play, to cry, to recover, to remember, to forget, to exercise, to rest, to think, to not think, to be…

September 2017, an evening, alone on my sofa in front of TV: a documentary on Shinrin Yoku, forest bathing, never heard about it before. Time stops, everything disappears around me: that is it!

To become a Nature and Forest Therapy guide is obvious, a calling. A door opened to contribute to a more harmonious life by helping the connection between people and the more than human world. I have stepped in. An application form, accepted a few months later, an intensive training, and the discovery of a new level of nature connection, of reciprocity and the tools to convey it.

A walk in the forest, alone, I mean without another human being. Nature is all around me, nature is me, I am nature. We live through each other. This relation is the meaning, the direction, the feeling of my life. It all makes sense. I look at the top of trees swaying in the wind. They agree.

Welcome to life, Sense in Nature.