Nature: the future of the workplace

”Exposure to nature during work hours reduces stress and improves cognitive performance”. This is the conclusion of a study done with the employees of the province of Limburg in Belgium published in the International journal of hygiene and environmental health.

Many of us describe nature as a place where they find peace and quiet, where they can recharge their batteries and feel that energy and creativity increase. This is not just a feeling, it is actually happening. Modern science proves again and again what we all knew long ago and what first nations still know and experience every day: our body and mind are wired to what we call nature, we are a part of it. We simply forgot about it.

It’s time to reconnect with nature and the living and get the positive effects in our lives and at our workplace!

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Article reference
Daniels, S., Clemente, D., Desart, S., Saenen, N., Sleurs, H., Nawrot, T. S., Malina, R., & Plusquin, M. (2022). Introducing nature at the work floor: A nature-based intervention to reduce stress and improve cognitive performance. International journal of hygiene and environmental health, 240, 113884.