Forest bathing: more than mindfulness in nature

I don’t know if I dare to say that forest bathing is fashion but today it is certainly many who have heard these words and read about it. What is forest bathing actually? What does it involve? Often I’ve heard that it is “mindfulness in nature”. Yes, it can be partly true. But for me as a trained nature & forest therapy guide, it is so much more than that.
With forest bathing we find a way to connect to nature, to ourselves and to the other. Reciprocity is one of the most important ingredients of forest bathing as I experience it: to open up to the other, human or non human, to feel the flow of life, the web of life between everything that exists on earth. There is a social aspect to forest bathing, a look at the other.
What can we learn about the forest, about ourselves when we take the time to stop, listen with the heart … Nature whispers … I help you hear her message …

In other blog posts you can learn more on the role of the guide and nature social effects.

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